Alleviate Pain & Anxiety in Minutes

If you need a gynecology procedure like an endometrial biopsy or Colposcopy, or other minimally invasive procedure, you may be worried about pain and anxiety. Some people may even delay care because of it. But there’s good news: PRO-NOX, a patient-controlled pain management system, will help make the experience pain-free and stress-free.

Introducing ProNox: Your Control, Your Comfort

ProNox is a patient-controlled, inhaled pain management system that combines 50% Nitrous Oxide (commonly known as “laughing gas”) and 50% oxygen. It’s designed to provide instant pain relief and relaxation during your vasectomy.

ProNox is all about giving you control. You can adjust the ProNox system to your comfort level by inhaling the gas as needed during the procedure. Unlike traditional pain management methods, ProNox allows you to control when and how much pain control you need. You simply inhale the gas through a mask, which immediately provides pain control and relaxation. The effects wear off quickly after you stop inhaling.

The ability to customize your pain relief with ProNox ensures that you’re as comfortable as possible during your procedure. If you’re feeling anxious or uncomfortable, you can simply take a few breaths to relax and ease any discomfort.

The Benefits of ProNox

ProNox provides effective pain relief during your procedure. Nitrous oxide induces a sense of euphoria and relaxation, making any discomfort manageable. Inhaling ProNox helps with instant relaxation, so you don’t stress about what’s happening.

When your procedure is complete, the effects of ProNox will wear off quickly, so you can go home without any grogginess like you would with traditional, injectable sedation.

The ProNox Process

Your medical team will guide you through the ProNox process. You’ll be provided with a mask to inhale the nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture as needed during the procedure. You have the freedom to adjust the gas levels to suit your comfort.

ProNox is designed with your safety in mind. Your medical team will closely monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure to ensure you remain safe and comfortable. Because it leaves your body very quickly, ProNox is safe to use, and adjustments can be made almost instantaneously if needed. We encourage you to explore ProNox as an option. While insurance does not cover the cost of ProNox, many patients find it affordable.